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It used to be that simply advertising in the local Yellow Pages was enough, but now in this global economy it is often critical for survival to have an Internet presence so as to attract prospective customers from not only around town but from around the world as well.

Web Design, eCommerce, Web Hosting — we can help you with any of these pieces to the Internet puzzle.



Custom Programming

You can't always find what you need on the shelf of your favorite computer software store.

We have been developing custom programming applications for clients since 1985. Most recently, we have worked in the Visual Fox Pro and PHP worlds.

Custom Computer Applications

Even as hard as we try, there are instances when we cannot find an off-the-shelf solution to meet the need. But instead of loosing hope, you might be interested in a custom-written program that will do exactly what you need it to do.

A custom program might be industry specific, or perhaps just unique to match your specific way of doing business. Either way, the program developed becomes your property so you are free to even market it if you desire.

Existing Program Modifications

Believe it or not, even pre-written programs sometimes have the ability to be modified in order to adapt to different needs. A program purchase might have included the source code, in which case a knowledgeble specialist (from FloridaComNet, of course) can make changes which then operate seamlessly as the original program is run.

At times when we cannot access the program itself we are likely able to make use of the files where the data is stored and create custom input/output screens and reports that will greatly add to your productivity.

While the above two options aren’t feasible for all programs, there is only one way to find out about your’s — give us a call!



Email Marketing

One of the ways to develop more business on the Internet is to conduct aggressive Email campaigns. With Email Marketing, you can promote anything from your general Internet presence (website) to specific products or services that you have to offer.

You may have noticed that many websites these days display a pop-up inviting visitors to sign up for their email newsletter.  This is a good way to build your emailing list.  There are other ways, also.



Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Markeing is the practice of promoting the products and services of other companies in order to earn commissions on sales.

This can be done in any of three ways:

  • Advertising companies on your website with links to the respective company's site
  • Advertising specific products and/or services with links to the respective company's products and services
  • Promoting the products and services of companies via Email Marketing

There is no upfront cost with promoting the products and services of participating companies. You can promote as many companies as you want, and there are no limits on the earnings potential of Affiliate Marketing.



Backup Services

"HELP, my computer crashed and I lost all my data!!" The question is, was your data backed up? Bad things happen to good data. If it hasn't happened to yours yet, it probably will someday. The question is, are you backing up your data?

Here's the solution:

Cabronite Backup Services


What is Online Backup?

Online backup solutions provide protection for your computer files so you can get those files back in the event of a data disaster – saving you time, money and stress. Unlike other antiquated methods of data backup – such as external drives & CDs - there’s no hardware to buy, no cables to connect, no training or maintenance required.

Why Carbonite?

Carbonite gives you secure, automatic offsite backup that protects your files from accidental deletion, spills, theft and just about anything else that could harm your data. Once installed, Carbonite backs up your files to the cloud – so you can get them back when you need them most. Because Carbonite works continually, backing up new and changed files whenever you’re connected to the Internet, you can rest easy knowing your backed up files are always protected.
Since 2006, Carbonite has backed up over 200 billion files and today, backs up more than 300 million files each day!  Most importantly, Carbonite has restored over 7 billion files that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Safe, secure and completely automatic. Carbonite is The Better Backup Plan

Product Highlights:

  • Set it & forget it. Carbonite backs up your files automatically to the cloud - so you never have to remember to back up. No hardware required.
  • Continual backup. Whenever you’re connected to the Internet, Carbonite backs up your files – eliminating potentially costly backup gaps created by daily or weekly backups.
  • Secure transmission. Carbonite uses the same encryption technology used in online banking and e-commerce transactions.
  • Safe offsite storage. Your backed up files are stored in one of Carbonite’s highly secure state-of-the-art data centers which are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Easy file recovery. If anything happens to any file, Carbonite finds it in your backup and puts it back in its original location on your computer – in just a few, simple steps.
  • Anytime, Anywhere access. You can access your backed up files from any computer connected to the Internet — or even from your iPhone®, Android™ or BlackBerry® smartphone.

The Plans

With 5 plans to choose from, you can find the Carbonite subscription that’s right for you. From individuals, families and students to home office users and small business professionals, Carbonite has a plan to fit every backup need.

1.) Home
With the Home plan, you'll enjoy all the essentials of unlimited online backup. Subscribe today and your irreplaceable files on your computer - like photos, documents and music - will be backed up automatically, and accessible at anytime, from any computer or smartphone. Price: $59.00 per year.

2.) HomePlus
Using the HomePlus plan you’ll receive all the benefits of the Home plan, PLUS additional features that make your backup more complete. With HomePlus, you can include your external hard drive in your online backup, so you can rest easy knowing that all of your important files are backed up safely, offsite. In addition, you also get Mirror Image backup, which creates a local backup of your entire hard drive - including your operating system and software programs. Price: $99.00 per year.

3.) HomePremier
HomePremier is the most comprehensive backup solution of the Carbonite Home plans. In addition to all the features of Home and HomePlus, you'll also get automatic backup of your video files (instead of having to add them to your backup manually). In addition, you'll have the option to use Courier Recovery - a Carbonite service reserved exclusively for HomePremier customers. Courier recovery allows you to have a copy of your entire backup shipped directly to you – which may be the fastest way to get your files back, when you need them most. Price: $149.00 per year.

4.) Business
The Business plan is geared toward those looking to backup an unlimited number of computers, external hard drives and NAS devices. Using this plan, you receive 250 GB* of backup space. Price: $299.00 per year.

5.) BusinessPremier
Using BusinessPremier, you’ll experience all of the same benefits you receive from the Business plans. Now, in addition to backing up all of the computers, external hard drives and NAS devices in your business, you can also backup your Windows Server.  Using this plan, you receive 500GB* of backup space. Price: $599.00 per year.

With the BusinessPermier plan, you’ll have the option to also purchase the Database Backup add-on. The add-on, which shares storage space with the BusinessPremier plan, allows users the ability to backup the following databases and live applications:

      • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2007, and 2010
      • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010
      • Windows System State (including the registry, certificate server, and active directory information)
      • MySQL Server 5.x
      • Oracle Server 11i, 11g, or later
      • Hyper-V Server 2008, 2012
      • Windows NTFS files and folders

* Additional storage packs are available for both Carbonite Business plans


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